Bolag utan kvinnor i styrelsen borde vara varningsskylt för investerare som är angelägna om framtidens talanger och arbetskraftsutveckling
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Women on boards: One piece of a bigger puzzle - MSCI

Previously, we have asked whether the number of women on boards has a relationship to corporate financial performance.

Research suggests that it has. But is that the whole story?

Does the number of women on boards reflect companies' overall approach to managing human capital and their financial performance? In its Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, the United Nations set out a vision of a world that includes economic growth, increases in productivity and the eradication of gender discrimination so that women have "full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels" Our latest research suggests the connection between these goals is relevant to investors.

Companies failing to employ women – at any level – in numbers proportional to their availability are by definition limiting the size of their talent pool. In contrast, higher numbers of women, especially in senior positions, might indicate a savvier approach to talent – one that just might promote productivity and economic growth along with gender equality.

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